Sound Design

Ident for a cosmic channel (no. 1)


Ambisonic sound design. 

Everything Between Us


Sound design for Rough Magic's production of Everything Between Us by David Ireland. 

'Unearth III'


Music/Sound Design from While There May Be Life In Our Blood by Paul Testar. The show ran in The Mini-Grand in Belfast as part of the Irish Student Drama Awards 2014, where it won multiple awards, including best production.

'Ident for a cosmic channel (no. 2)'


Ambisonic sound design. 

'Dub White'


Music and sound design from For Those Who Cry When They Hear The Foxes Scream  by Charlotte Hamblin. Uses excerpts from the song 'Someday My Prince Will Come.'

Ident for a cosmic channel (no. 3)


Ambisonic sound design.